Winter Hike Review: Newport State Park

February 6, 2023

Winter Hike Review: Newport State Park

When the weather cooperates and it’s not -20 out, experiencing Wisconsin in the wintertime can actually be thoroughly enjoyable. In fact, we think wintertime is a great time to experience some of the best hikes in Door County.

On Sunday we decided to head out for a hike with our dog, Axe. One of the things we love about Door County is the endless opportunity to explore the outdoors and be surrounded by some stunning views. Door County is home to five state parks, all of which offer unique experiences to those willing to find them. This time, we decided to head out mid-morning for a winter hike at Newport.

Newport State Park is most recognized for its certification as an “International Dark Sky Park,” classifying it as one of the very best places to stargaze in the world. At times, explorers can even see the northern lights from Newport. Newport is also Wisconsin’s only recognized Dark Sky Park. However, Newport offers a lot more than just the dark sky at night, and we both thoroughly enjoyed our daytime winter hike.

The scenery was exceptional. The ice dams met open water throughout the edges of Lake Michigan. Despite some fresh snow, the trails were accessible and relatively flat. We hiked around 3 miles from the main parking lot at Newport to the southern end of the Newport Conifer-Hardwoods State Natural Area and back. We were hiking through woods the entire time, and seeing a great variety of species of trees. At times, we were completely surrounded by pine trees so large it felt like we were in the pacific northwest…with snow.

There is plenty more of Newport to explore, but for now, this hike was an awesome start. It was awesome to be able to explore with our dog by our side as well.

Here are some quick ratings on what we thought of this hike in Door County:

Difficulty: 2/5

Accessibility: 4/5

Dog-Friendly: 5/5

Views: 5/5

Overall, we thought that Newport State Park was an amazing place to go explore. The views were awesome, the trails were easy to walk on and were relatively well marked, and it was overall just a very enjoyable experience. We highly recommend you get out there to check out Newport as one of the best hikes in Door County.

Best of all, getting to Newport is only a short 15-minute drive from Northwoods Farmstead, so it’s easy to buzz up there when you’re here to stay with us. If you’re looking to book an unforgettable stay in Door County, we’ve got you covered there, too.

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