Local Events

Sister Bay Fall Fest

Fall Fest is the busiest weekend of the year in Door County. A tradition dating back over 75 years, Fall Fest in Sister Bay is the ultimate fall party. Although sometimes aptly named “Fall Down Fest” amongst the younger crowd for the amount of time spent at all the Sister Bay bars, Sister Bay’s Fall Festival brings amazing experiences for the entire family as well.

Each year, Sister Bay puts on a great parade, live music, a massive arts and crafts show, and more. With the event typically being in early October, Fall Fest always provides incredible views of the wonderful fall colors that Door County offers.

DATES: OCTOBER 13-15, 2023

For availability to stay within one minute of the top of the hill in Sister Bay, near Husby’s, Sister Bay Bowl, Garage Bar and more, check out Northwoods Farmstead’s availability here! Northwoods Farmstead is the perfect home for your family, friends, or group to stay within walking distance of downtown Sister Bay for Fall Fest, or any other time of year.

pond hockey weekend

Famous for bringing in groups of hockey addicts from all across the midwest, the Door County pond hockey tournament is a big deal. 

Held at the Sister Bay Sports Complex, teams compete in a no goaltending round-robin hockey tournament. 

Even if you’re not into competing, this is a fun event to watch and enjoy a different experience in the winter time in Door County. 


The perfect retreat for a hockey team get-together awaits right here. If you’re a team looking to lock up your place to stay for the event, we’ve got plenty of space for you. Book now to snag your spot in Sister Bay. 

Door County Pond Hockey Tournament


A newcomer to the Door County events lineup, starting in 2021, the Christkindlmarkt is a local Christmas fair with tons of local vendors and food and drink options. 

If you’re looking for locally made chocolates or alpaca socks, Christkindlmarkt has you covered across the board. 

This event is split over three consecutive weekends, and is held in Sister Bay at the Corner of the Past museum, right up the street from our home. 


The perfect space to gather for a romantic weekend away or a family gathering during the Christkindlmarkt, we’ve got plenty of space for you. Book now to snag your spot in Sister Bay. 

Door County Christkindlmarkt

fish creek winterfest

This pastime has been around for a long time in Door County. Fish Creek’s Winterfest is a huge outdoor winter festival with a lot to do and see. 

If you’re not a fan of the cold, fear not, as there’s a heated tent overlooking Green Bay that will solve all of your problems. 

Don’t forget to try the classic “Cherry Pit Spit” to see if you can set a new record for the longest distance spitting a Door County cherry pit. 


Fish Creek is only a ten minute drive down the road. If you’re looking to get together with your friends or family for a winter weekend away, there is no better event than Winterfest. Book now to snag your spot in Sister Bay. 

Fish Creek Winterfest

pumpkin patch fest

Another phenomenal fall festival is Egg Harbor’s Pumpkin Patch Fest weekend. Traditionally, this is usually the weekend before Sister Bay’s Fall Fest in early October. 

Pumpkin Patch fest is an amazing family weekend that features arts & crafts, pumpkin displays, face painting, and much more. 

Due to this timing typically coinciding with near peak Door County fall colors, this is one of the most sought after weekends all year round. 

DATES: OCTOBER 6-8, 2023 

Egg Harbor is about 20 minutes from Sister Bay, and Pumpkin Patch weekend is a great weekend to visit northern Door County with your family. Book now to snag your spot in Sister Bay. 

Door County Pumpkin Patch Fest