Rental Property Address: 10392 Northwoods Drive, Sister Bay, WI 54234


Rental Property phone number (if applicable): 920-241-3778


Owner and or property management phone number: Mitch (608-843-4773) & Katie (262-422-0485)


Call 911 for emergencies


·       These guidelines are intended to highlight a few ways you can be a good neighbor during your stay in Door County.  Help keep Door County an enjoyable place for everyone.   Follow the golden rule and treat others the way you would want to be treated back at home.

·       Guest Code of Conduct: This Property is a privately owned home and we enforce a good neighbor policy. Please treat the Property with the same care you would use with your own residence and leave it in the same condition it was in when you arrived. To prevent theft of or damage to furnishings or your personal property, you agree to close and lock doors and windows when you are not present at the property and upon checkout. You and other occupants agree to conduct yourselves throughout your stay in a manner that is respectful of and not disruptive to neighbors, traffic flow, or the community and that will not prompt complaints to police, neighbors, municipalities or neighborhood or homeowner association.


1.    24 hour Contact Information.  If at any time you have concerns about your stay or in regards to your neighbors, please call the 24-hour contact number listed in the rental lease agreement or posted in the unit.  In the event of an emergency, please call 911.

2.    General Respect for Neighbors.  Be friendly, courteous, and treat your neighbors like you want to be treated.  Respect your neighbors and their property.  Please do not trespass onto surrounding residential properties.

3.    Occupancy – How Many is Too Many? Each short term rental has an occupancy limit that varies according to the size of the home and number of beds. Always check with the homeowner or property manager before bringing additional persons into the property, and verify that you are not breaking any rules.

4.    Noise.  Be considerate of the neighborhood and your neighbor’s right to the quiet enjoyment of their home and property, especially after 10 p.m.

a.    Vacation time with family and friends can be fun and exciting with plenty of conversations, laughter and music, and everyone on vacation wants to enjoy a good time away from their normal routines.  It is important to balance the vacation fun with the neighbor’s own quiet enjoyment of their homes – many of them are not on vacation and are leading normal lives during your stay.  Consider how you would want your neighbors to behave in your own neighborhood. 

5.    Fireworks.  Per Door County Code Fireworks are not permitted.  SECTION 11: FIREWORKS: 11.0 – It shall be unlawful for any person, organization, business or corporation to light or maintain any illegal fireworks, except fireworks for public display in compliance with state law shall be permitted after obtaining all state and local permits.

6.    Maintenance of Property.  Be sure to pick up after yourself and keep the property clean, presentable and free of trash.

7.    Garbage Disposal.  Please help keep Door County clean.  Garbage should be bagged securely and placed in trash bins provided. 

8.    Cigarette butts and litter.  Please no cigarette butts or litter in our beautiful public lands.

9.    Pets. Promptly clean up after your pet.  Prevent excessive or prolonged barking and keep pets from roaming the neighborhood.  Control aggressive pets and be sure to abide by local leash laws.  Store pet food indoors and in a secure container to reduce the likelihood of unwanted pest problems.

a.    Only registered pets are allowed in designated rental properties.

10.  Parking.  Utilize driveway and/or garage when parking your vehicle before using street parking.  Do not park on lawns or in a manner which blocks driveways, sidewalks, alleys or mailboxes.  Drive slowly through neighborhoods and watch for pedestrians and children playing.

a.    Parking must not impede the passage of any emergency vehicle in the roadway.

11. Posted Street Signage.  All speed limits and parking restrictions as listed on posted signage shall be obeyed.  Please drive like your children live in the neighborhood.

12. Charcoal Grilling. Charcoal grilling on a deck is strictly prohibited, it is a fire hazard.

13.  Directions.  Guests will bring written directions with them and confirm with owner prior to arrival in order to not disturb our neighbors if you are lost.

14.  Motor homes, campers, and tents.  Motor homes, campers, and tents are prohibited and may not be parked or hooked up at a rental property.

15. Be environmental stewards.  Help protect the natural landscape. Do not remove or stack stones. It is important to our natural ecosystem to leave rocks where they lay.

16.  Enjoy living like a local!


Door County property managers and homeowners are committed to welcoming our guests into the Door County community while encouraging good neighbor behaviors in our neighborhoods. 


We ask that guests recognize our community’s dedication to maintaining a safe and peaceful family atmosphere for all residents and visitors of Door County.