Door County Airbnb

Details for finding a great door county airbnb

How Do You Find Door County AirBNB Properties?

Airbnb has become an increasingly popular way to stay in someone else’s home while traveling, giving yourself and your family more space during your vacation. However, there are many things to consider before booking a Door County Airbnb. Here are our top tips for choosing the right Airbnb experience for you and your family or group.

Sort by ratings, reviews, and other criteria.

To find the perfect Door County Airbnb experience, we suggest that you start with sorting properties based on reviews, & amenities. Then narrow down your search by location desired, price range, and more. 

Airbnb also tracks hosts performance in relation to their guests, and rewards the highest quality hosts with a “Superhost” badge. Superhosts are high quality, professional hosts that take great care of their guests throughout their stay. On VRBO, this is referred to as a “Premier Host.” 

Both sites use this to demonstrate to you as a guest the hosts that have proven to deliver excellent experiences. If you’re looking for Superhosts and Premier Hosts to ensure your family’s vacation is a five-star experience, look no further than right here!


Define your search criteria.

You may find a lot of use in using our guide to finding a Door County Vacation Rental when you begin your search for a Door County Airbnb. There are hundreds of rental properties throughout Door County. This guide will help coach you through how to sift through these properties to find the best options for your group. 

With high demand for rentals in Door County, many guests choose to book their stay up to six months in advance. The guide will walk you through data points like how much the average rental is in each town, when to start your search, and even how long the average group stays in Door County.

To see if Northwoods Farmstead would be a great property for your group, check out more details about our property here.

Book your stay with a trusted host.

Read what other guests have had to say about their experience in staying with a host through Airbnb. The guest experience is critical when choosing an Airbnb, and finding a host that cares about their guests’ can be tough. Read reviews like ours, and take previous guests’ thoughts into consideration when selecting a Door County Airbnb. 

Many experienced hosts have earned the “Superhost” badge on Airbnb. This displays that the hosts take great care of their home and their guests, while providing a positive experience. At Northwoods Farmstead, we are proud Superhosts that pride ourselves on ensuring that every guest has a five-star experience.

Trusted hosts are not limited to just Superhosts and Premier Hosts, though. Do your own research to see what other guests have said about their experience with a given host. It may be that the property is new to Airbnb and just haven’t earned the Superhost badge yet. They may not book enough reservations through Airbnb to qualify, too.

If you think we’d be the right hosts for you, dig deeper on our property here. Or meet us as hosts here.

WHEN TO SEARCH (Hint: This Is Key!):

There are many variables to consider to find a great Door County Airbnb that fits your needs. When it comes to Airbnb’s, how far in advance a reservation is booked is called a “booking window.” Booking windows can be helpful to know when you need to start your search for a property. This ensures you don’t miss out on the best properties available in Door County.

If you’re planning to find a Door County Airbnb, the key is to plan to start your search early. Especially if you’re searching for a stay during the summer months! 

Most Door County Airbnb’s see a booking window of up to 180 days for summer reservations. If you’re looking for a vacation rental in summer in Sister Bay, like Northwoods Farmstead, you should book your reservation nearly six months in advance. The busiest time of year for upcoming summer bookings for Door County Airbnb’s is from the holidays through January.

For an in-depth look at booking windows in Door County and when to start planning your Door County getaway, see our Guide To Finding a Door County Vacation Rental here.