2022 Year End Recap


2022 was an amazing year. There’s no way around it.

We completed our first full year in operation, and learned so much along the way. We made mistakes, we had successes. Our successes were amazing, and our failures taught us what not to do. We’ve still got a long way to go, but we are lucky to have been surrounded by a lot of amazing people that have taught us a ton, and have helped us immensely. From family helping with renovations and decorations, to many amazing people being willing to help us learn how to properly run this business, we are so thankful to everyone that’s been there for us. But, without a doubt, those that we’re most thankful for is our amazing guests. You know who you are. We’re so thankful that you chose us and put your trust in us to deliver on the experience we promised.

With all that said, we wanted to share a recap of what all happened in 2022 to everyone, so that we can reflect on the amazing things that happened, and remember all the lessons learned.


The Pros:

✅ Hosted first guests over NYE 2021-2022

✅ Hosted 335 Guests

✅ Hosted 55 groups

✅ Welcomed over 20 groups that brought their pups along on their vacation 🐾🐾

100% 5-Star reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

✅ Built amazing fire pit 🔥 that guests (and us) truly ❤️

✅ Designed and built incredible coffee + wine bar (with the help of our amazing handyman Greg)

✅ Installed central air conditioning

✅ Worked with structural engineer on renovation plans for barns in 2023

✅ Learned that dads truly can fix anything, and good friends are always willing to be there and help out

✅ Built new website…twice

✅ Filmed and developed amazing virtual tour for our guests

✅ Changed our policy to ensure guests don’t need to do anything prior to check out

✅ Reached over 1,500 new followers on Facebook + Instagram

✅ Met our amazing neighbors and hung out over some 🍺

✅ Spent tons of time in Door County with friends and family


The Cons (but pros because they taught us a ton):

❌ Learned that we need to keep A LOT more firewood on site than we thought

❌ Figured out that toilets seem to need to be repaired much more often than you’d think

❌ Found out the hard way that if you want to enjoy your Saturdays, don’t let managing the books pile up

❌ Learned that managing a property on a holding tank isn’t as easy as one might think, but that there are tools to help

❌ Had to clean out two full size barns, and definitely underestimated that task 😬

❌ Found that creating good content on social is MUCH more difficult than we thought

❌ Learned that we need to keep way more inventory of sheets + towels than initially planned


Overall, 2022 was truly an incredible year. It taught us so much, and we are seriously so thankful to everyone that has had a hand in our growth to this point.

2023 is here, and we’re ready to take it head on. We’re excited to keep learning and keep growing, and hopefully to keep adding on more and growing our business!

Follow along here for more about our journey. And if you, or anyone you know, is looking to take a vacation to Door County in 2023, we’re ready to host you and show you an amazing and memorable time. To book your stay with us, go here.



Mitch & Katie

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